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Our Company


Lumacheria Sicilia is an entrepreneurial business, arisen as a result of experience and driven by a strong passion and motivation to invest in the snail market. Our company incorporates producers, retailers, restaurants, hoteliers, etc. and it is based on natural products and techniques with the support of new “green” technology. Thanks to this balance, we can satisfy customers’ various demands. Quality, efficiency, tradition, innovation and research are the values at the base of our enterprise. For this reason, we pay great attention to regular improvements in breeding farms, to the maintenance of a healthy environment, as well as research and avant-garde techniques in terms of reproduction and growing, all of which rigorously performed in biological contexts. These efforts guarantee the highest quality for the consumer, providing natural, complete and delectable products, in the matters of nutrition, gastronomy and organoleptic properties. The breeding farm location lies in the area of Mineo (Plain of Catania), in a zone called Santa Croce, chosen by the virtue of the plain soil, its quality and the perfect microclimatic conditions for the Helix Aspersa species.

Our supply to other enterprises

Lumacheria Sicilia furnishes several businesses in Sicily and in diverse Italian regions, as well as restaurants and other breeding farms. Our company is part of Coclearia consortium.

The product


The Helix breeding takes place outdoors within a genuine vegetation, which has not been treated with any insecticide. Insects are controlled and regulated through biological traps involving pheromones and periodic treatments with bacteria such as Bacillus. The collection proceeds by hand: the snails are collected and put into perforated sacks. These are then placed on a metallic mesh net and turned several times during the day. The process is naturally performed in a designated area with a roofing to protect from sunlight. After a couple of days, the snails are moved to the warehousing zone with a controlled temperature from 4°C to 8°C. They will be staying there until the selling, after being controlled and calibrated. We offer packages of 500 g for large retailers and a large size of 5 kg for markets. Undoubtedly, our plant fully satisfies sanitary and hygienic standards and holds the production chain permits.



The supermarket packaging consist of plastic bowls in which the snails are placed. The chipboard at the bottom absorb humidity. This 500 g sale format corresponds to two portions.

The packaged product’s noteworthy features:

  1. The snails are alive
  2. The snails are dry and humidity-free
  3. The snails are already cleaned
  4. 4. The snails are ready to cook, allowing an easy and quick preparation

The outer cover presents the “Lumacheria Sicilia” brand, a guarantee of quality for the customer. On the sides, information on how to cook, some recipes, packaging date, weight and nutritional properties. Use by date-label is also written in the packaging –the product should be put on display in the refrigerated sections at 6°C-8°C for up to 60 days.

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